eLearning Portfolio

TGG Compliance Modules

Bob Gestures

Like most organisations, all staff must complete a series of compliance based learning. I developed a series of online learning modules with topics such as Safety Fundamentals, Manual Handling, Electrical Safety, Slips, Trips and Falls, Racking Safety, Working with Heights, Australian Consumer Law, Privacy, Employee Equal Opportunity and more. To help with “compliance” brand identification, functioning as a synthesis of its visual identity, I created a brand mascot called Bob. He facilitates an emotional connection with the team members in turn help make learning fun whilst keeping it serious.

Technologies Used: Adobe Creative Suite (including Premiere), Articulate Studio 360, Fuse Universal LMS, custom JavaScript for some of the interactions.

TGG Cooking with CREATE

Cooking with CREATE

CREATE is TGG’s customer engagement and sales model which helps us have great conversations with customers, ensuring they walk away delighted and excited to return. I created a series of videos and interactives to help our Team members sell within the Cooking category in our stores.

Technologies Used: Adobe Creative Suite (including Premiere), Articulate Studio 360, Fuse Universal LMS, custom JavaScript for some of the interactions.

TGG Gold Service Extras Interactives

GSE Interactives

Concierge Gold Service Extras is The Good Guys ongoing service and support program that gives you no fuss, hassle free, continuous product protection, and access to lots of extras from the day you purchase your product until your Gold Service Extras timeframe ends. I created a set of interactives and videos to help our Team members see some great ways on how to introduce Gold Service Extras into their customer interactions.

Technologies Used: Adobe Creative Suite (including Premiere), Articulate Studio 360, Fuse Universal LMS, custom JavaScript for some of the interactions.

TGG VR Hazard Identification

TGG VR Hazard Identification

As a learning objective, measure of navigation ability, The Good Guys (TGG) Team Members are asked to identify a series of hazards through both a real world environment store and warehouse (2 Scenes, 5 areas each with 12 hazards) through a series of hot-spots and panels explaining the hazard in question. It is iOS, Android, Samsung Gear VR, Daydream, Web, HTC VIVE, Oculus Rift compatible, the immersive virtual reality technology has now been embedded into our safe design approach and hazard identification and risk control processes. I knew we needed to engage our Team Members in a more immersive way and so I thought a virtual reality system may help us to bridge that gap, and show the Team Members what the proposed designed would look like in as close as possible to a real world space, and then in turn reduce injuries that are happening in our stores.

Technologies Used: Google Poly, Samsung Gear 360 SM-R210 Camera, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Mobile.

CPP40516: Certificate IV in Strata Community Management SCORM Modules

RMIT Strata

As the lead Learning Architect and Instructional Designer, I was employed to help work with the Subject Matter Experts (SME) to create 60 SCORM packages to help students learn various topics about Strata Management, such as Leglislation, Operations, Client Management, Communication and Conflict Resolution. The CPP40516 Certificate IV in Strata Community Management is a nationally recognised qualification created with RMIT endorsed by Strata Community Australia (SCA).

Technologies Used: Adobe Creative Suite (including Premiere), Adobe Captivate 9, VideoScribe, Blackboard 9.1, custom Advanced Actions for some of the interactions.

RG146: Financial Services CPD Modules

Anyone giving financial product advice under an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) must satisfy ASIC’s RG 146 training standards. The RG 146 training standards comprise both knowledge and skills. The requirements vary depending on the adviser’s activities. The knowledge requirements vary depending on the RG 146 areas in which the adviser is giving advice e.g. securities, managed investments, superannuation etc. The skills requirements vary depending on whether the adviser is giving personal advice (requires skills) or general advice (does not require skills). New financial advisers meet the relevant RG 146 compliance training standards by satisfactorily completing relevant modules. At DeakinPrime, I helped create a series of modules for the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program for the FNS50615 Diploma of Financial Planning course.

Technologies Used: Adobe Creative Suite, Articulate Storyline 2, Totara LMS.

HLTAID004: First Aid Training SCORM Modules

TMG First Aid

Here, I was assigned to create a series of SCORM packages to help learn first aid principles as part of their online delivery of HLTAID004 Provide an emergency first aid response in an education and care setting. HLTAID004 Provide an emergency first aid response in an education and care setting is a nationally recognised qualification and provides participants with the skills necessary not only to be the first aid representative at a workplace but also to help family and friends in emergency situations.

Technologies Used: Adobe Creative Suite, Articulate Storyline 2, Moodle LMS, custom JavaScript.

V/Line OH&S Conductor and General Engineering Principles SCORM Modules

VLine-Take the time to stretchVLine-Wheelchair Manual Handling

This was a series of nine modules for conductor staff at V/Line to assist them in the learning of OH&S, Manual Handling, Safety and other various common Engineering based tasks (ie. Welding) which they may perform throughout a shift.

Technologies Used: Adobe Creative Suite, Lectora Inspire, HTML5 and CSS with SCORM 1.2, NetDimensions LMS.

Victoria Police LEDRMk II Family Violence and Field Contact SCORM modules and Simulations

Vic Police LEDRMk2

This was a series of seven modules and screen simulations for Victoria Police Officers to assist them in the learning of various common processes which they may perform in relation to Family Violence and Field Contact.

Technologies Used: Adobe Captivate 8, HTML5 and CSS with SCORM 2004, NetDimensions LMS.

Metro Trains Recognition for Prior Learning (RPL) Android Tablet Application

4. criteria2

This was an Android Application to assist assessors in the capture of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for engineering (both Electrical and Mechanical) staff at Metro Trains. The RPL process takes into account all relevant skills, knowledge and experience that you have regardless of the way you got them. This includes experience and training they may have gained through paid work, volunteer work, previous training and/or life experiences.

Technologies Used: Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA IDEs, Android Java, XML, GIT.

Nelson Cengage Learning Social Studies Teacher Guide Interactive CD

Screen Shot 2013-04-17 at 4.10.38 PM

This interactive CD, supported the physical teacher guide as a full colour resource. It contained complete answers overlaid on the actual pages of Social Studies Skills Book and the pictures within the book for the teachers to use as they require for what ever purpose they see fit.

Technologies Used: Adobe Flash CS5, ActionScript 3, Adobe AIR.

Miscellaneous Web Games and Interactive Whiteboard Applications for Cengage Learning (Language Department)






I helped create a series of e-learning solutions for Cengage Learning’s Language department’s French title Tapis VolantTapis Volant is a fully integrated course in three stages written specifically for secondary school students learning French in Australia and New Zealand.

Technologies Used: Adobe Flash CS5, ActionScript 3, XML, Adobe AIR, After Effects and Final Cut Pro.

Nelson Literacy Directions Interactive Audio Visual DVD-ROMs



Nelson Literacy Directions was a core literacy program for students in middle and upper primary. Featuring an emphasis on comprehension, Nelson Literacy Directions provides a wide variety of printed and electronic texts for explicit instruction in written language, oral language, visual literacy and critical literacy. The complete series comprises four levels – Level 3, 4, 5 and 6 and the interactive DVD-ROMs I created assist in questions which accompany the levelled text and levelled exemplar cards, emphasising the use of higher order thinking skills. They also show videos to assist the children in understanding the various text types.

Technologies Used: Final Cut Pro, AppleScript, FXScript, Adobe Flash CS5, ActionScript 3, XML, Adobe AIR.

Various A+ Notes and Practice Exam CD-ROMs

Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 3.31.37 PM


A+ Notes and Practice Exam CD-ROMs are comprehensive resources specifically written for VCE students. Each title offers a summary of everything you need to know about your subject and provide hours of exam preparation. The books themselves are divided into tests that gradually increase in content and difficulty, whereas the included CD contains comprehensive and detailed solutions provided for each examinable area of study. Students can use these CDs throughout the semester.

Technologies Used: Adobe Flash CS5, ActionScript 3, XML, Adobe AIR.

Apple iBooks (Maths for the Australian Curriculum & Connect with History) solution


3 Timeline


These are specialised textbooks which were built using Apple iBooks Author for the core book creation, these were to enhance the teaching of Mathematics and History (Years 7 – 9) in an imaginative, engaging and truly interactive manner. iBook textbooks on iPad offer a gorgeous, full-screen experience full of interactive diagrams, games, simulations, photos and videos. I assisted in the creation and programming of a series of highly specialised HTML5 and JQuery Mobile (and some DOM based/Canvas based) JavaScript based widgets to make it the iBook more engaging and interactive.

Technologies Used: iBooks Author, custom JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, XML, AppleScript.

Serway Physics for Scientists and Engineers PowerLecture Active Figures DVD


This DVD takes static images from Serway’s Physics text book and animate them and allow them to be interactive, deepening students’ understanding of key concepts and processes via simulations. The instructors can then use these animated simulations in class to illustrate physical principles or to test students’ conceptual understanding.

Technologies Used: Adobe Director 9, LINGO.

MYOB Account Right Plus version 19.7 DVD


This DVD has been created to accompany the associated text written by authors Doug Gourlay and David Flanders specifically in alignment with MYOB Account Right Plus Version 19.7 and MYOB Asset Manager Pro v 3.6 Test Drive edition software. The DVD contains licenced copies of MYOB Account Right Plus v19.7 Educational Edition for PC, as well as software for using MYOB on Mac Account Edge version 9.6 Education Edition and MYOB Asset Manager Pro v 3.6 Test Drive Edition. I created a series of UWatch interactive tutorials (30 in total) giving students a hands-on demonstration and simulations of MYOB v19.7 functionality which is explained in the text.

Technologies Used: Adobe Flash CS5, ActionScript 3, Adobe Captivate 7.

Pride’s Marketing Principles: Asia Pacific Edition


This local adaptation of Pride and Ferrell’s respected marketing text offers the most contemporary and straightforward approach to marketing concepts covering topics like, the expanded marketing mix – People, Physical Evidence, Process, Porters Five Forces Theory and more. The textbook also came with a suite of unparalleled teaching and learning solutions including interactive animations and simulations.

Technologies Used: Adobe Flash CS5, ActionScript 3.

Protherics – Application of Infection Prevention Principles


Whilst at Protherics, I was involved in the replacement documentation for their manufacturing of anti venom system, I also created a few prototypes of some eLearning modules for all staff internationally. Due to aquisition by BTG these did not get re-branded.

Technologies Used: Adobe Flash 8, ActionScript 2, XML, LitmosLMS.

HealthSMART Clinical Systems E-Learning Courseware



HealthSMART Clinical Systems was the program implementing Victoria’s $360 million “whole-of-health” information and communication technology (ICT) strategy to modernise and replace ICT systems throughout the Victorian public healthcare sector. The courseware modules I created were Results Reporting, Pathology and Radiology Orders Entry and Medication Administration Management, and below is a table outlining all the deliverable types created.

User Guide Full online system user guide created in Adobe RoboHelp and custom HTML, CSS and JavSscript.
Quick Reference Guides A series of QRG’s to support system processes.
Roadshow Presentation A top-level presentation for delivery to an executive level audience.
Facilitator Presentations Presentations to run formal face-to-face training sessions.
Facilitator Guides Guides providing relevant information for facilitators of face-to-face training sessions.
eLearning Demonstrations Over 300 animated system demonstrations available for use in face-to-face training and/or web-based training created in Adobe Captivate.
eLearning Exercises Interactive exercises allowing users to interact with a simulated system environment for use in face-to-face training and/or web-based training created in Adobe Captivate.
eLearning Assessments Multiple graded assessments comprising of quiz questions and interactive scenarios for completion by users  created in Adobe Captivate.

Technologies Used: Adobe Captivate 5, RoboHelp, Custom HTML5 and CSS with SCORM 2004, Various LMS (Moodle, Saba, Totara and Litmos).

VicRoads Connect Self Service E-Learning Intranet Portal and Simulations

VicRoads manage the Victorian road network and is an integral part of the overall Australian transport system. I developed and produced the design for the VicRoads Connect Self Service E-Learing Intranet portal simulations and interactions, This was to help 2700 staff manage their day-to-day activities and remain better interconnected with each other in areas in HR, Payroll, Finance and Leave Entitlements. Created over 200 various simulations and interactions within a 4 month period.

Technologies Used: Adobe Flash CS5, ActionScript 3, Adobe Captivate 5, IBM WebSphere Portal, Lotus Web Content Management and Omnifind Enterprise Edition platform.

Upper Murray Family Care Interactive Training CD-ROM



Foster Care is the temporary (and sometimes permanent) care of a vulnerable child or young person in a home environment, during a time when they cannot live with their own families due to issues of risk or safety. Children and young people may need short or long term care depending on their circumstances. Reuniting them with their families when it is safe to do so is a high priority and carers may play an important role in helping this to happen. I was fortunate to win a Gold Interactive Intelligence Award for this in 2001, and the CD-ROM is designed with a mobile foster care worker as a consultant in mind, to help assist illustrate certain topics such as Confidentiality, Roles and Responsibilities, Types of Care, Safe Caring Practices etc, and was the first of its kind in the world.

Technologies Used: Macromedia Director 7, Authorware 4, LINGO and custom C++ wrapper classes.

Bayer CropScience CropCenter Training System


As part of my contract at Bayer CropScience, I was asked to create a LMS/portal which allowed training of Bayer CropScience staff and agronomists about the most comprehensive portfolios of agricultural products in the world. Due to the restrictions of Open Source solutions such as Moodle, I had to create the custom LMS from scratch, including randomised assessment quizzes. Bayer CropScience did not require SCORM Compliancy.

Technologies Used: Classic ASP, ASP.net C#, MS SQL Server 2000, Lotus Notes and Domino.

Wesley College Online Learning Intranet


Encouraging children to appreciate the wider world and understand their place in it hence, belonging to communities and learning to live in a global community, originally using Microsoft SharePoint and WebCT as the core platforms, I created many interactive animations for this for the Year 9 subjects, Humanities (History-Ancient Greece), Mathematics (Linear Algebra), Religious Education and Ethics (Emergence of Christianity), Science (Cells and Microbiology fundamentals) and Physical Education (Health and Nutrition).

Technologies Used: WebCT, Microsoft Sharepoint, VB.net, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Flash 5, ActionScript 1.

“Bounce and Jam” Childrens CD-ROM


(Sketch book available for more pictures) Created a children’s CD-ROM using a cartoon character named Billy Bounce as he teaches children (9 – 12 years old) simple Maths and English. Designed by a former professional basketball player Bruce Hultgren, the “Bounce ‘n’ Jam™” programs are used by children all over the world. Whether your child is a budding professional, an absolute beginner, or someone who just wants to have fun by themselves, this series helped children develop skills on and off the court.

Technologies Used: Macromedia Director 6 with LINGO.