My Approach

Meet & Greet / Initial Consultation

Hello, it is a pleasure to meet you. Before we officially start working together, I prefer meeting you in person. A cup of coffee or tea, some sun and an hour or two of your time is enough to get to know each other and what you want to your project to look like etc. If you’re not nearby, I am happy to organise a Skype call. After the initial meeting, I normally follow up with a quote or recommendation on how to proceed. It goes without saying that our first meeting is free of charge.

CCAF Workshop / Analysis

As you can imagine, I need to understand the Pedagogy, Contexts, Challenges, Activities and Feedback Options you want the solution to have. So before starting production, I verify that I have the right elements to arrive at the desired solution. You providing me with background research, maybe some fieldwork and me holding this very important engaging workshop with you is the most efficient way of me gaining the perspective I need. Taking time to get it right at this stage will save countless hours (and lots of money!) down the road. This normally takes between an hour to a full day. I charge this at $75 per hour or $450 a day.

Production / Development

Now the really exciting part can begin. By this stage, I will send you a schedule of workload, where I have clearly-defined project goals and milestones. I launch results in small increments (2 week or less turnarounds) as I use an Agile approach in delivery. This allows me to collect your feedback beginning at an early stage. This is usually charged at $60 per hour or $350 a day.

Post Implementation Review / Evaluation

I will create at the end of the project, a Post Implementation Review Report. This report is based on a set of surveys I will send out for your feedback and explore if things worked as you expected. It has been proven that success is achieved by continually evaluating what works and what doesn’t. By being honest with ourselves and each other, I can change tactics during the project to ensure I reach the desired results you want. Based on the results in the report, charged at a flat rate of $100, we can then assess what steps you want to do next.