Angular JS

The latest thing that I’m in love with digitally right now is AngularJS. Yes, it’s not the newest hotness in the web development world. Over the years I have tried a large number of JavaScript frameworks, and they were either incomprehensible. Because of that, I had normally developed my own methodology for building the front ends for Rich Internet Applications. Now I do not have to worry. Read more….

Programming Passion

I recently applied and got interviewed for two software engineering positions, one of which I was extremely qualified for technically, the other borderline qualified for. I was quite surprised to be rejected for both positions, not because of any lack of technical merit, but apparently because I didn’t seem excited enough about the job. Even for the job I was only borderline qualified for, my interviewer’s main objection was that he couldn’t see any “passion”….

Being a web dev in today’s market

You would not believe how many people I interviewed back in my Cengage days who would show up with their portfolio that uses tables for page layout. Seriously. Don’t do that, you should know when to use CSS and when to use HTML. This post, I’m going to take a look at the different skills that I think you should have acquired if you are thinking of being a web developer in today’s market (in order to be considered baseline acceptable). Read on….

Interactive Books and the future of publishing

With Apple making iBooks more easy to produce and are no longer just about a touch-to-animate type of interactivity, nor simply the touch interface controls. Rather, they are about adding value through interactivity by using the full capabilities of a touch device to engage the user and enhance the learning and reading experience. These engaging experiences are what I call a true reinvention of reading.