Just been reading a lot more on the latest studies in game based learning from around the world the last few weeks.I may have mentioned before, outcomes are one of the primary discriminators between games and sims. Yes, fun and entertainment are important outcomes of a game, but they are not primary outcomes of a simulation. So, with that in mind, that got me thinking about the choices or paths that users could take in some of the scenarios I build for eLearning.

Boardgames and me


Some people get it with comic books, some in music shops. I don’t know how to pinpoint it, but there is just something special that I get when I go in to a board game shop versus browsing online. Don’t get me wrong I spend time online looking at games, which I thoroughly enjoy. But it is hard to compare photos of games to actually holding the box in your hands.

Easter Eggs

Supposedly, the term ‘Easter egg’ was coined at the good old games company ‘Atari’ by staff who were aware of a secret message which had been hidden by a developer in his game, Adventure, back in the 70s. He said, the name was to evoke the idea of a traditional Easter egg hunt. I think that’s brilliant, for a few reasons. Explore with me my thoughts on this.