More iBooks goodness

Recently, I have been at a contract job working on a set (3) of Apple iBooks. These were to assist general practice registrars navigate their way through the maze of general practice training. They covered employment as a registrar, including employment terms and conditions; exam preparation, including advice on study partners and how to utilise practice case studies; support, including wellbeing tips and the importance of looking after yourself; and training resources, including information about the Australian General Practice Training program…

The joys of digital publishing

Just recently at work, I was asked what tools are best to create publications and what are the differences between an EPUB, PDFs and other digital publishing formats. As you all know, after previously worked in educational publishing, there are so many options out there, it could take a while to discover what the differences are for each competing standard. First up is EPUB. The electronic publication format (EPUB) is one of the most popular file formats for e-books. An EPUB is similar in some ways to a Web page, in that it is based on HTML markup at its core…

Flights and boredom

As you know, it’s terrible to get stuck in the airport for several hours on end. For those who travel frequently like me, one stuck in the airport is really unbearable, if you do not know what to do. Instead of being bored at the airport, I came up with a few ideas that may help you shorten the time. Trust me, sitting in the terminal for hours on end can be the […]

Interactive Books and the future of publishing

With Apple making iBooks more easy to produce and are no longer just about a touch-to-animate type of interactivity, nor simply the touch interface controls. Rather, they are about adding value through interactivity by using the full capabilities of a touch device to engage the user and enhance the learning and reading experience. These engaging experiences are what I call a true reinvention of reading.

iBooks Author Fine Print

In February this year (2012) after Apple released its latest Mac software, iBooks Author, careful readers of the licensing agreement noticed some legal restrictions for publishing books in the iBooks/e-Pub format. In April, Apple updates that agreement. iBooks Author allows you how to write, design, and publish interactive e-Pub books and post them for free or for sell on […]