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Greetings, my name is Campbell Craig. I currently reside in an inner eastern suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia but grew up in Country Victoria in the city of Shepparton. I am a proud father of two children (Ella and Penelope).

For the past two decades, I have been lucky to be involved in designing and developing everything from simple command-line tools to complex enterprise systems. My background is half design – half development, though for the past decade I’m focused on education design solely. While studying Clinical Biochemistry (majors in Forensic Pathology), I got to work in broadcast TV (Channel Nine) and on the side worked on small freelance projects (100+) by designing and developing Software Architectures, leading High-end Web Applications, Expert-Control Systems and Educational Multimedia and eLearning.

I love to learn new things daily. Even though I don’t “hard-core” code for more than a decade, all this knowledge proved to be invaluable today. In the past 10 years, I found made my true calling in UXD and Educational/Learning Design and Development.

My vision is to create quality interactive products using the multiple facets of multimedia design and development, to ensure a second-to-none experience for users at a global, national and local level.

I won a Gold Interactive Intelligence Award winner for my Upper Murray Family Care Interactive Training CD-ROM. It was designed with a mobile Foster Care worker as a consultant in mind, this interactive training CD-ROM was the first of its kind in the world, this was before eLearning exploded.

I am an Irish born Australian award-winning eLearning designer with many years of experience as a education designer, web & multimedia programmer and producer. My work is efficient, creative, emotionally involving and detail-obsessed.

I have directed the overall look and feel and function of many companies and not-for-profit organisations around the world, ensuring that their communication followed the established learning objectives.

My outstanding collaborative and interpersonal skills have helped me successfully lead creative teams to design immersive, memorable and engaging experiences.

I describe myself as a design addict, a lover of learning and a tech innovator. I try and blog about the joys of learning, the importance of good design and how as a eLearning designer, I feel committed to creating meaningful experiences for my clients.

I am also a public speaker at conferences and always thinking up new ways to grab the audience’s attention with my unique style.

When I am not busy designing innovative solutions for my clients, you can find me with my family exploring parts of Australia, watching films and tv series, capturing moments on Instagram with my camera, or spending some free time at home doing some sort of craft project.

I am also a very strong contributor to many e-learning and instructional design communities such as;

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