Hazard Identification VR/AR Solution


Working for a high powered customer focused retail organisation it comes with no surprise that they would like to be on the pulse with their learning offerings for staff. Being part of the Retail Operations Learning and Development Team allows me to work with a great set of professionals talented in different capacities. The Workplace Safety Manager approached me recently to work on a series of micro-learning learnlets for our Team Members covering topics like Working With Heights, Mechanical Assistance Aids, Manual Handling, Slips, Trips and Falls and Hazard Identification. The content for these were written in partnership with himself and I and majority of these I created SCORM packages to help guide the learner through some compliant information (textual) and the occasional scenario with the use of videos and animated info-graphics. But for Hazard Identification I thought I would explore the use of Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality to try illustrate the “real world” factor. As a learning objective, measure of navigation ability, Team Members are asked to identify a series of hazards through both a real world environment store and warehouse (2 Scenes, 5 areas each with 12 hazards) through a series of hot-spots and panels explaining the hazard in question. It is iOS, Android, Samsung Gear VR, Daydream, Web, HTC VIVE, Oculus Rift compatible, the immersive virtual reality technology has now been embedded into our safe design approach and hazard identification and risk control processes. I knew we needed to engage our Team Members in a more immersive way and so I thought a virtual reality system may help us to bridge that gap, and show the Team Members what the proposed designed would look like in as close as possible to a real world space, and then in turn reduce injuries that are happening in our stores.

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