For those in the know, there are two big Ds in the world of eLearning. A lot of people ask me, where do I place myself? Am I a designer or a developer? Completely different topics, but still one thing in the end. To me, it feels like the number of people who are doing development as well as design simultaneously is increasing rapidly. Nobody wants to just be really good at one thing instead of being so-so great on two domains. When I ask them why, they mostly tell me that it’s good to know about development when you’re designing something, for example (or the other way around). Because then, you can shape the idea so that it’s easy to realize it with code – and I agree with them. I would also like to design more of my projects and while I learn from other people, I keep getting better in doing so. But I also noticed a weird aspect of the whole dilemma: When I get an idea and I think it’s a great one, I often try to sketch something up and then make a wire-frame out of it. The only problem with this approach is that while I try to design, my brain tries to shape the idea until it fits my development experiences & the knowledge I had at this time. It feels like my subconscious mind just cuts some parts off the initial idea. While talking about new projects and ideas with other people in the industry, I noticed that they’re also affected by this same situation. And I think many other people who work in two different topics also apply this way of thinking while making up an idea. Where do most of you all put yourselves? Which camp are you in? Designer or Developer?

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