New Look

Welcome to my new website look. Many of you expressed your liking for my old theme when I suggested we change it, so I thought I would try a new theme and see what you think. Take a look around and tell me what you think. I can still change back to the old theme quite easily if you don’t like the new look. Bear in mind, the new theme is still a “work in progress” because I wanted to get back online as quickly as possible. Some of the pages will be edited over the next week or so because they are looking a little plain at the moment – but at least I have the new theme up and running, keeping the downtime to only the weekend. One of the main things you will notice to changing to this theme is that it is not completely screen responsive, but hey, I like the colors and style. Don’t forget to leave us some comments with your thoughts on the new look and we hope you all had a great weekend – despite the weather!

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