Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory

It is true, I am a big fan of the show, The Big Bang Theory like many of my friends and many others. It is one of the most popular shows on television; it constantly gets great ratings episode after episode, and it is proven to manage to catch millions of viewers world wide. The show has sold countless DVDs to heaps other merchandise from t-shirts to bobble-heads and more sold to promote the show. And even though the show is now almost a decade old, there is still plenty to enjoy in this comedic sitcom. Even my parent’s who are 72 yrs old love the show. It’s not unheard of for a TV show’s cast to get a little off center after a few seasons; it’s easy, after all, for an actor to become bored or complacent with material, especially if their character is not seeing much development. The cast of the Big Bang Theory, however, are still in top shape even if some of the choices made by the writing crew are not always the best. I think the cast of the show always manages to shine, delivering comedy with great timing and even packing an emotional punch when necessary. Come on, even the pop culture jokes are still lame and fun at times. Although I admit, the comedy on The Big Bang Theory is sometimes known for its pop culture references and the fact that the jokes rely on what’s new or popular, or even retro, it keeps the show fresh and fun. And these types of pop culture jokes have another added benefit: audiences and people like me know about them! It’s much more fun to hear a joke about an 80’s film or TV show you know and love than an obscure reference that holds no meaning. Also, we all have to admit, Penny has arguably been the least developed character on the show—until now. For far too many reasons, Penny said a rather boring character, whose life revolved around being with or breaking up with Leonard and vainly trying to make herself successful to no avail. Finally, however, the show’s writers have given Penny her big break which will leave ample room for character development in the show’s future. Penny can now finally have more independence financially, rather than having to rely on Leonard to cover for her when she can’t quite make the bills; this in turn will hopefully lead towards Penny developing a more stronger character track that is not all about her relationship with Leonard. I am also like the masses a big fan of Sheldon, and have a strong alliance/affiliation with him in a weird freaky way, but I show emotion and I understand sarcasm and many other differences, but there are some similarities which are very freaky and will not go into. Leonard, I look like I think in some ways. Raj, well the early days reminds me of me in high school. Howard, I understand the reason the writers put him in as a character, and he plays it well, but I am not a big fan of him, just his wife Bernadette, minus her voice, I think she’s cute and hot, but that is for another day.

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  1. I agree, The Big Bang Theory show rocks. All The quarks of each characters make the show more unique, as their not the norm that is talked about. Like Howard being raised by a single parent, Penny being a tomboy and growing up to being very promiscuous women, Leonard being a typical nerd and just wanting to be accepted by his family and peers, Raj a wealthy immigrant who is shy around woman who is now coming out of his shell, and the best for last SHELDON 🙂 his need to be the centre of attention yet not wanting to be, and always having to be right and the knocking on the door three times. Sheldon is very chivalrous to the ladies and I think deep down he’s a hidden romantic, waiting to be woken up.

    I agree with the 80’s references, it’s about time a show did that without having to do an 80’s flash back.

    I look forward to each week the show comes on, I laugh a lot to the show. Keep em coming.

    I have all the DVDs, the game and soft kitty doll.

    Live long and prosper!!

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