Boardgames and me


Some people get it with comic books, some in music shops. I don’t know how to pinpoint it, but there is just something special that I get when I go in to a board game shop versus browsing online. Don’t get me wrong I spend time online looking at games, which I thoroughly enjoy. But it is hard to compare photos of games to actually holding the box in your hands. Especially when the game has a bit of weight to it, like one of my games Cinemateque (that thing weighs a tonne). You almost feel like you are getting more for you money. I am lucky that there are quite a few stores here in Melbourne that carry a wide selection of games, and its great to be able to head in them and sift through their collections. I love seeing games stacked end to end, and there is always the chance that they have a game I have not already read about or played. Also when I shop in store I keep a couple things in mind. Was the store staff friendly, and knowledgeable? Are they creepy and make me uncomfortable? Have they even heard of the games I am looking for? Now I do not expect them to know of every game ever made, but if you own a game store you should be pretty familiar with a wide variety of titles, and not just games like the normal Monopoly or Risk. I also like to see a decent variety of games on the shelves. Nothing ends an in shop visit like standing in front of a store’s collection of games, and having the dude stare at you like you might run off with one of them. Of course you can not mention shopping without mentioning prices. I get that these stores obliviously require more funds than an online store who is able to stock everything in the basement of their house. Okay, let me make this clear, if the store does not have the game I like or want in stock but they are willing to bring it in for free within a decent amount of time, i will usually buy the game if the pricing is similar to an online store. But when i can buy the game online, have it shipped to my house, and it is still cheaper including shipping, then online it is. It is hard to justify a $20 – $30 dollar difference in store vs online, when that money covers half of a second game.

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  1. I agree with your post, there’s nothing like the feeling of going into a store and seeing games galore, and having an employee know their job as well as go over beyond the call of duty to make you want to come back to their establishment.

    I can also understand on wanting to get the best deal, so if you can get it online? Great, but they also have to make sure they can keep you coming back to them as well.

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