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I get asked all the time, can you please create me an app? Or how long will it take to make an app etc. Well, honestly the easiest option for me creating an iPhone or Android application is to build it in the browser using Web development languages like HTML5 and JavaScript. For those wanting to know, the native iPhone app development language of Objective-C is really a pain in the bum and Apple like to change their minds every six months, whereas I can build an application in the browser using the skills I already have without thinking. Second, browser-built apps are easier to build and distribute, just need hosting like websites etc. They are portable and accessible from multiple devices, which also in turn helps to spread the application’s popularity. Also on the upside, browser-built apps update instantly, generally load faster, are easier to read and update and offer more flexibility for future feature updates. The only major setback is that applications built this way is that HTML5 can’t access native features like use the accelerometer, GPS, camera, access the contacts 100%, or if you want robust applications, like 3D games or some funky gesture based thing. If your goal is to sell a complex, full-featured application, building a native application would be your best bet and take me ten times longer. But before asking me to build you an app, come have a chat and discuss more what exactly you want it to do etc.

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