Snow White Update

Snow White

For those that are not in the know, I have been working on a side project at home. I am currently writing and will be producing a short animated film based on the classic story of Snow White. It will be set in modern day with twists but at the same time have a few references/stylist to the old Disney version. From my experience, anybody like me can call themselves a screenplay writer and have a nearly-finished manuscript on their computer that they will finish someday. Some people are happy with easy jobs, but unless you have taken the path less traveled you will know how difficult this task (of writing a movie script) has taken. For me, this labor of love has taken a good three years to write so far. I have to keep reminding myself that I do want to actually get to the end of the path – to the goal on the other side – and not just meander through the woods. I am currently on the third last scene and I have what they say in the industry as “writer’s block”. I can admit that it usually does not originate from a lack of ideas. It could be (like in my case) just looking for that next plot point, or Hero Goal Sequence idea, or developing the initial concept. I have found that organizing my story into a workable form takes a real time commitment and a willingness to play with words. Anyways, I am planning to finish the script by the end of August this year completely. So keep your eyes peeled guys. Its NEARLY there.

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