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Recently, I have been at a contract job with General Practioners Registrars Australia (GPRA) working on a set (3) of Apple iBooks. These iBooks were to assist General Practice registrars navigate their way through the maze of general practice training. They covered employment as a registrar, including employment terms and conditions; exam preparation, including advice on study partners and how to utilise practice case studies; support, including wellbeing tips and the importance of looking after yourself; and training resources, including information about the Australian General Practice Training program. Was good to work with this Apple framework again. Digital publishing feels like the future, and as you all know, I feel that iBooks is an easy way to get started. It’s pretty amazing to be able to put together a book and have it available for sale in multiple countries in such a short time. Ebooks are a huge opportunity for artists and writers to take control of how their work reaches a wider audience. There are lots of ways to engage your readers with using iBooks Author, I strongly believe that Apple have created a fantastic tool to get anyone excited about reading. Especially when you can do things like adding videos or a gallery of images, a Keynote presentation or even the HTML5 widgets and even their in built quizzes. No, I am not an Apple Fanboy, but for those interested, iBooks Author lets you create your very own interactive texts that are sure to grab the attention of your audience. Feel free to ask me how I can help you create these for your organisation.

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