Surviving a zombie apocalypse

Okay, guilty, I have been watching a lot of the TV show “The Walking Dead” lately. This is thanks to my best friend Adam, normally, i’m not a big zombie apocalypse guy, and to be honest, I am kind of sick of the vampire based shows now. It’s been played out. We get it. If you plan on making one now, you’re not going to make it. But, with this, i think what the producers of the show are trying to show us is that there really is no hope for society going forward. Either way, I have been using these lulls in the action to think about what i would do in the event of an exponentially-escalating apocalyptic scenario. As best as I can tell, the people who have survived this long in the show can attribute their survival to satisfying some essential needs; sustenance, and supplies/protection.

Sustenance: This may sound weird but for me, I would go to Bunnings/Masters and stock up on soil, seeds and other various potting and gardening supplies. If I am in this for the long haul, people. I am sure a lot of people would panic and head for CostCo because of their seemingly endless supply of tins of Milo or UHT milk and such, but, to me, the key to survival isn’t the size of your supply pile, it’s how sustainable your supplies are. you can’t grow and regrow hamburgers, but various vegetables and fruits are the cornerstone of a healthy diet and can be maintained given the proper care. As far as water is concerned, you could argue that with all the naturally-occurring rain, lakes,streams, etc that we have one would never be in want of fresh water. I think what these people are ignoring is the rot and decay that proceeds from the extermination of life, and the subsequent runoff into the surrounding ecosystem. Contamination of the water supply, in any fashion, is sure to take place. More on my solution to this in the next section.

Supplies: let’s just get it out of the way, in order to survive, people/zombies are going to perish. You don’t survive an apocalypse by having meaningful conversations. I would need to arm myself, this goes without saying. Again, don’t get me wrong, I would love to be swinging around the peacekeeper like Rick or a sweet ass crossbow, but we have to keep in mind, the idea is about survival for the long haul. What do guns need? Bullets. A finite element in the world right now. Theoretically, you could take all of the bullets in the world and put them in one place. you know what doesn’t need bullets? Sharp things and blunt things. Both accomplish the same thing. Sure, you will have to get in closer to do the deed, but don’t they always end up having to do that anyways? while I am in Bunnings/Masters getting my gardening goods, I would also stock up on anything sharp (axes, pruning sheers, etc) then I would go to a sporting goods store like Rebel Sport or Aussie Disposals etc. and pick up some baseball bats and thermoses. That’s right, thermoses. for water, you might ask? no, for petrol. It would be great to have a car, but you know what’s better than having a car? being able to use any car you want because you have all the petrol! Think about it, in an apocalypse, the free market economy disintegrates. we get warped back to captain cook days really quick. Keys to a car mean nothing if you don’t have the petrol. And in my logic, I would be getting as much as that as possible. Plus, when that contaminated water needs boiling, who do you think is going to have the goods to keep that fire going?

To be continued…

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