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As you all know, I am an avid reader. Last night Kay bought me a cool e-book reader from Aldi. There’s no Wi-Fi or 3G, uses TFT not e-ink, but hey, although, it is different from a Kindle or Kobo, it only has an internal storage of 2GB, which can be easily expanded to 32GB by adding a microSD card, its still perfect for what we need it for. One of the main advantages of the ebook reader is that it was low in cost and I have lots (and I mean lots) of pdfs that I like to read and refer to frequently. As you all know with ebooks, there is no printing costs, storage fees or postal prices involved. Ebooks are also less cumbersome, which makes it storage efficient. A standard ebook without picture files takes up little memory and so like I said, I have lots of DVDs storing an average of approximately 1500 ebooks. Another advantage that is worth noting is the effects on the environment. Without the use of ink and paper printing, mistakes can easily be corrected without any further damage to the environment. So, now we have the ammunition for when we go to Adelaide and get bored waiting in the airport, or on long trips, or in my case on the way to work.

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  1. Publishers are telling readers that the physical book isn’t worth anything and that the entire value is in the story.Except when a writer’s cut of a book’s cover price is determined. Then the value of the story is minimal.As you said, that’s another matter.While the view that the story is the entire value of a book is flattering to the writer,that’s not the way that readers see it.To readers, e-book cost nothing to produce. Publishers know that isn’t true.Writers know it too. But try to convince the general public of that. As far as readers are concerned,the incremental cost to produce more copies of an e-book is zero.So the readers expect an eBook to be priced less than a physical book. The real costs have nothing to do with it. Design and Graphics

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