OMGWTFBBQ Batmobile!

For those that know me well, I am a bit of a fan of Batman. Was surfing the other day and came across this fan-made, turbine-powered Batmobile on Engadget.

For the true geek, and we all know there’s at least a bit of that inside anyone who bothered to click on the link in the first place, this is one of the ultimate in cars. I don’t care what you say about other sci-fi and superhero vehicles. The Batmobile is just plain better than all of them. So I’m supremely jealous whenever I come across someone who has actually gone to the efforts to make one, even if it’s not quite as well-equipped as Bruce Wayne’s own ride. So hats off to you Mister. Great job. Supposedly its perfectly legal to drive in USA and all. Now all I need to do is find someone with an old Delorean DMC-12 laying around for a side project. *grins*

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