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Lately, for those following my blog will know that I have been working on a pilot animation for work, now I am almost finished, I will be going to the client and pitching it to them to see if I can get approval to do some more for them. Here are some tips for fellow animators/multimedia developers that want to present to corporate executives. Now before you pitch your project, do your homework. If you’re not familiar with the company, do a bit of research them first. Find out a little about the executive that you’ll be pitching to. What does this decision maker like? Consider your animation style and content. Ask around and see if its appropriate. So, do some research on the internet by searching for the company and their executives. Now, when you call the company to set up a meeting and you don’t yet know who is in charge. Stand up as you phone so that you have more energy. Spend a couple of minutes getting to know the assistant, they need to be on your side. Sound enthusiastic about your idea. I have found that the best pitch times are probably mid-morning, say around 10am. The executive you will be delivering should be awake, not yet hungry because he hasn’t had lunch, not sleepy because he just had lunch, or eager to get out of the office. Hope these tips are helpful, anyone else got any others?

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  1. I actually learned about much of this, but in spite of this, I still considered it turned out valuable. Great task!

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