I so want one……

Like most things nowadays, everything old is new again, as the saying goes, and the latest example is the all-new Commodore 64, which looks exactly like the once-popular home computer originally introduced in 1982. Under the beige skin, it’s a whole new computer, featuring a dual-core Intel Atom 1.8GHz processor, a Nvidia Ion2 graphics chipset, and as much as 4GB of RAM and 1TB of harddisk. As with the original, the monitor is sold separately. This wonderful bit of ’80s costs $595 for the standard model, but upgrades are available, as well as a base “do it yourself” package for $250 (bring your own motherboard, DVD player, hard drive and whatever else you desire). With the Blu-Ray player and HDMI output, it’s the ideal way to watch my Bill and Ted or Monkey DVDs!

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