Twitter: The Movie.

On the weekend I got my computers at home fixed by a dear friend of mine (thanks heaps Duncan). Thats right, I may be a GND (Geek,Nerd, Dork) but I do not know enough about recent hardware, so I leave it to professionals for that. I stick to the things I am good at. Anyways, after Duncy and I after re-installing and building my Win7-64bit machine we sat down and watched The Social Network, as we both missed seeing it at the cinema. To be honest, even for a geek like me, I found the movie quite boring and lame. The guy who played Mark Zukerberg (creator/founder of Facebook) was quite pretentious and egotistical to say the least. Not sure what he is like in real life but I doubt anyone would be “that” rude. Sure, he may be a “prodigy” when it came to code development and systems programming etc, but the man is still a human. I would rate the movie 3/5 stars, the cinematography was meh, the audio levels jumped around, the story was not engaging enough, the actors were not 100% believable. So, yeah, if you want to waste 1.5hrs of your time, go for it. Came across a parody trailer of it today, called Twitter The Movie, that was quite funny. Although not a Hollywood blockbuster and doubt it would get any further than what stage it is now, but it is┬ádefinitely worthwhile viewing and most nerdy people (like me) would find it funny.

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  1. Fantastic post, I absolutely look forward to posts by you.

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