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As you all may know, I will be working on developing an e Learning training courses for a CMS software application implemented within a division of the company I work for using Adobe Captivate 5. If you are familiar with Adobe Captivate then you are familiar with “Assessment Simulations.” I love assessment simulations because they require the learner to do the clicking rather than just viewing a screen recording of the process. This is great because they can actually practice using the software in a safe environment where they can’t mess anything up and they will receive constructive feedback based on where they click. This is particularly great for my situation because in this software implementation, learners will be expected to be using the application full time the day the switch is flipped and the software is available to them. Captivate and the assessment simulations are a life saver for me because I can train them on the software without them actually having access to it, and then stuff things up.

Problem is that the software application (CMS) has a lot of features that are accessed through right clicking and Captivate has limited capabilities for the right click. So, hopefully I can simulate the right click in a Captivate simulation. Anyone else used C5’s Right Click functionality?

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  1. I’ve currently got the same problem myself. The only solution I’ve got that’s in any way workable is to do it in Captivate 4, but that’s only viable to me because I did the original capture in Cp4 and later editing in Cp5 – so I still have the original files.

    It’s a PITA though.

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