I believe the success of anything you make is 90% based on how amazing it is, and 10% based on the other stuff you do to try to get people to know about it and like it. But you’ll find most people spend 90% of their time worrying about the superficialities and 10% of their total time actually bringing the idea into the world.

Once you’ve cut all the corners and ignored all the advice and have actually made something a reality, sold your first copy, received an email from a new fan, conducted the simplest and briefest launch in history – then I think you’ve earned the right to add a little bit more complexity next time. And trust me – once you’ve launched something you’ve built, you won’t be able to stop, and each time you’ll get better at it.

Pull an old idea out of storage – one of the ones you thought was ‘great’ at the time – and work out the shortest route to getting the basics right and building it into reality. Deliberately ignore advice you thought was essential. Strive for imperfection. Limit yourself to almost child-like simplicity.

Just get it out there.

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