Web vs Print Design

As a web designer/developer, you usually get taught that web design is not the same as print design issue. If a client thinks the website will be exactly as the printouts, then that is your failing as a designer by not conducting the presentation correctly. This is often the result of misunderstanding, not the result of paper. I find presenting on paper, especially early on in the process, as a very conducive method for client engagement. They can engage with paper, scribble all over or tear up and throw in the bin. You cannot do that with a screen. Paper is more immediate and less precious.

So, I guess there are a couple of things which are happening within graphic design. Web design has been for a long time now separating itself from its print based brother. Now I know there are fundamental differences in the medium of delivery and, in many cases, the nature of the design. However, I believe this is a bad thing. If you have a background in print design, don’t forget it, it helps in a lot of ways you may not realise. Sure, the web is not print, but there are hundreds of years of design experience crammed into the minds of designers lucky enough to have a print background, and we’d be totally foolish not to make use of it. There are many differences between the mediums, but there are many similarities, too. There is a lot that can be learned from print designed and applied on the web. The only difference I see is that print media is read, web media is interacted with. So, interaction or experience design is more the key here for a well rounded web designer. You could totally disagree of course, or you may be bored to tears with the whole thing, what do you guys think?

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