Choose your own adventure.

As a child, I loved to read. Perhaps even more than I do now. In particular, I really loved to read the Choose Your Own Adventure series of books. These books differed from normal fiction in that the reader became the protagonist and was able to determine the outcome of the narrative through a series of decisions.

Each decision would require you to turn to a different page to continue the story. The suspense would build as you would read on and on towards an inevitable ending. In some cases you would die a horrible and untimely death, in others you could be victorious as the hero.

When it came to making decisions, I would often turn ahead to see which path ensured I remain in the story for as long as possible. It was obviously not the way the writers intended for the reader to interact with the book (you could even call it cheating), but I never felt bad about it, nor did I ever feel as though it degraded the experience. Perhaps I was exercising a little greed. These books had given me a choice in the outcome, but I wanted to play God and determine the length of my interaction as well.

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